Trainings and Seminars

Our team of experts at JCL-BPO offers the utmost criteria in day-to-day general accounting. JCL-BPO does the complete and accurate record keeping of your business transactions. JCL-BPO has an in-house accounting system for effective bookkeeping process that maintains correct and up-to-date financial records. With our systematized bookkeeping process, it will aid the business owners, to become aware of their company’s financial performance and condition. JCL-BPO also warrants that our recording process is in compliance with the latest financial accounting standards.

We conduct public, in-house or personal training/seminar on the following topics:

  • Accounting for Non Accountants
  • Tax Seminars (with current Updates)
  • Accounting with Excel Interface
  • How to Compute Salaries and Benefits
  • Records and Filing Management
  • Internal Control Seminar
  • How to Detect Fraudulent Transactions
  • Business Process
  • Human Resource
  • Business Management and Training
  • Business Communication
  • Leadership Workshop
  • Personality Development
  • Finance Management

We also provide personal consultation/coaching to resolve a particular need and concern of your business.