Accounting / Bookkeeping

Our team of experts at JCL-BPO offers the utmost criteria in day-to-day general accounting. JCL-BPO does the complete and accurate record keeping of your business transactions. JCL-BPO has an in-house accounting system for effective bookkeeping process that maintains correct and up-to-date financial records. With our systematized bookkeeping process, it will aid the business owners, to become aware of their company’s financial performance and condition. JCL-BPO also warrants that our recording process is in compliance with the latest financial accounting standards.

JCL-BPO allows our clients to focus on their business performance and to save their valuable time and money.  Our accounting and bookkeeping service includes:

Sorting and filing of business source documents. Such business source documents include, but not limited, to the following: invoices/receipts, vouchers, purchase order, billing statement, pay slips, bank statements, and other related documents;

Recording of transactions to the following books of accounts: Cash Receipt Journal, Cash Disbursement Journal, Sales Journal, Purchase Journal, Other Subsidiary Journals, General Journal and General Ledger.

Generates unaudited reports, such as: trial balance, balance sheet, income statements, cash flow statement and statement of owner’s equity.

If you get our monthly accounting, bookkeeping and tax services, here is a little overview on how it works.

  • First, we pick-up your source documents that need to be recorded like the receipts of your sales and purchases, you don’t even need to sort and arrange them; we just take them all and sort them in our office.
  • After we get all your documents, we sort, file and encode everything in our in-house accounting software and will be reviewed by professional accountants.
  • After recording all your documents in our system, we will manually update write and update your books which is required by the government.
  • After writing your books, we will produce your tax returns and other government reports and forms. We will also make additional reports in the form of graphs and charts to make you become aware of your financial performance.
  • Lastly, we will deliver back all your documents in your office, filed and organized.