How to Register a Company to Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA)

How to Register a Company to Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA)?
Foreign companies setting up export enterprises in the Philippines such as outsourcing and off shoring operations may opt to register with Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) for tax incentives. Philippine Economic Zone Authority Enterprises registered with PEZA are entitled to a holiday from income tax and local taxes for three or eight years. After that, they are subject to 5% tax on gross income (sales less direct costs) in lieu of all local and national taxes. To avail of the tax breaks and incentives offered by PEZA, an enterprise must register with PEZA and locate their operation in one of the PEZA zones, buildings, IT Parks or Technology Parks. PEZA registrants must generally be export-oriented. Enterprises located inside the zones are required to export 100% of their production. In some cases PEZA may approve the sale of up to 30% of production in the domestic market. Full foreign ownership of a PEZA enterprise is allowed, provided they are not engaged in activities that appear on the Foreign Investment Negative List. PEZA approval and specific incentives granted are on a case to case basis.

How long does the registration to PEZA take place?
PEZA registration usually take 21 working days from the submission of documentary requirements depending on the availability of the PEZA board and provided that all required documents, including additional requirements have been submitted and the PEZA board are duly satisfied with the contents thereof upon evaluation.

What are the requirements in registration for PEZA?
1. Project brief – a discussion on the proposed business activities which may require additional requirements depending on the contents of the brief.
2. Anti-graft certificate
3. Board Resolution authorizing the filing and designation of a representative
4. SEC Certificate of Registration, Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws (if not yet available, submit draft of Articles of Incorporation)
5. Project Feasibility Study which shall state the following:
a. General and Technical Data and Documents Requirements
b. Parent company and product brochures
c. Description of the new project (include description and uses of the service)
d. Detailed organizational chart
Project timetable
e. Potential market, marketing costs, marketing program
Service process and flowchart
f. List of equipment, country of equipment origin, rated capacity and corresponding costs
g. Materials, their sources and prices; supply contracts, if any; ratio of imported to local materials, if applicable
h. Area requirement, office lay-out
Equipment lay-out
i. Electricity and water requirements
Types and volume of wastes and waste system
j. Curriculum Vitae of principal officers
k. Certificate of registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission; and Articles of incorporation
l. Financial Data and Documents Requirements
m. Number of employees, position and salary rates, training to be provided and length of training, classification of employees as to a) skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled, b) direct, indirect and administrative
n. Number of foreign experts to be hired, positions, salary rates, length of stay
o. Projected volume of sales, selling price and unit of measure
Breakdown of other dollar costs (interest on loans, salaries of foreign personnel)
p. Number of workdays per year, no. of shifts per day
q. Sources of financing (please indicate whether loans to be obtained are foreign-currency denominated or not)
r. Latest audited financial statements, if any; and
s. Parent company’s latest volume and value of sales, net income, total assets and number of total employees, if applicable
The forms can be downloaded at

What are the business activities that can be registered with PEZA?
1. Export Manufacturing – processing, assembly and manufacturing of goods where 70% of the production shall be exported. Manufacturing / Processing” shall mean the process by which raw materials or semi-finished materials are converted into a new product through a change in their physical, mechanical or electro-magnetic characteristics and/or chemical properties. “Assembly” shall mean the process by which semi-finished parts or materials are put together or combined to form a distinct product without substantially changing its physical or mechanical characteristics or electro-magnetic and/or chemical properties.
2. IT Service Export – It is required that at least 70% of IT service activities are being rendered to clients abroad which means that 70% of revenues are derived from such clients. The following are the qualified IT service activities: IT-enabled services such as business process outsourcing, call centers, data encoding, transcribing and processing, etc.; software development and application, including programming and adaptation of system softwares and middlewares; for business, media, e-commerce, education, entertainment, etc.; content development for multi-media or internet purposes; and others.
3. Tourism – establishment and operation within PEZA Tourism Special Economic Zones of sports and recreation centers, accommodation, convention, and cultural facilities and their special interest attraction activities / establishments wherein tourists should be the primary clients.
4. Medical Tourism – medical health services with foreign patients as primary clientele. This business requires endorsement from Department of Health and must be located within a Medical Tourism Special Economic Zone Park or Center.
5. Agro-industrial Export Manufacturing – processing and manufacturing of agricultural products for purposes of exporting such products. Processing is defined as the conversion of any agricultural and marine products from its raw state into intermediate or final product which undergo physical and/or chemical change through mechanical and/or chemical process.
6. Agro-industrial Bio-Fuel Manufacturing – production of clean energy such as bio-fuels and the like.
7. Logistics and Warehousing Services – (a) operation of a warehouse facility for the storage, deposit, safekeeping of goods for PEZA-registered Economic Zone Export Manufacturing Enterprises, and or (b) importation or local sourcing of raw materials, semi-finished goods for resale to – or for packing / covering (including marking / labeling) cutting or altering to customers’ specification, mounting and/ or packaging into kits or marketable lots for subsequent sale to – PEZA-registered Export Manufacturing Enterprises for use in their export manufacturing activities, or for direct export, or for consignment to PEZA-registered Export Manufacturing Enterprises and eventual export.
8. Economic Zone Development and Operation– development, operation and maintenance of an economic zone.
 Manufacturing Economic Zone
 IT Park
 Tourism Economic Zone
 Medical Tourism Economic Zone
 Agro-Industrial Economic Zone
 Retirement Economic Zone
9. Facilities Provider – leasing of buildings or other facilities to PEZA-registered Manufacturing Enterprises, IT Enterprises as well as establishment, operation and management of retirement facilities in which foreign retirees are the primary clients.
10. Utilities – establishment, operation and maintenance of light and power systems, water supply and distribution systems inside Special Economic Zones.

Where do you file the application and submit the requirements in registration for PEZA?
Application to be filed with PEZA / EDD
Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA)
Roxas Boulevard corner San Luis Street, Pasay City, Philippines
Tel. No.: (632) 551-3454 or 551-3455; Fax No.: (632) 891-6380; Email:
Ecozone Development Department
2/F Almeda Building, San Luis
Corner Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City
Tel. No.: (632) 551-3440
Fax No.: (632) 551-9518

Disclaimer: New and subsequent PEZA policies, issuances and/or laws may render the whole or part of the article obsolete or inaccurate. For more information, please inquire or consult with the PEZA.

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